Bronze Copper and Brass in room decoration

The warm and earthy tones of bronze copper brass metallic are hot news in room decor. You can find them on furniture and accessories but increasingly incorporated in room decoration.

bronze copper brass


Interior designers and architects have long been specifying these beautiful metal finishes in design projects for commercial and private clients.

Bronze copper and brass metals have a unique luxurious quality. And harmonise beautifully with the likes of granite, marble and wood along with brick and stone. The neutral earthy base tones of all these materials have a pleasing natural elegance. And perhaps this is why these decorative finishes are often combined in an eclectic way, in the home and workspace.

Bronze Copper Brass in room decoration design

Bold as brass copper and bronze

In contrast a metal finish is often used in chic minimal design. This allows the metal to speak for itself and become the key focus of the space. A great example is where an entire wall, lift carriage or reception desk is covered in bronze or brass cladding. Dramatic styling of this kind radiates luxury. But this more permanent option can be an expensive investment.

bronze copper brass

Accessories and furniture

An alternative and more modest way to incorporate metal is by adding accessories in bronze copper and brass. There are plenty of options to choose, from lighting, hardware (fixtures and fittings) to mirrors, frames and ornament. And modern metal furniture offers many possibilities with various design styles to be found. Find finishes that include bright and bold to subtle aged patinas for a classic look.

Bronze Copper Brass in room decoration design


Metal where we cook and dine

Bronze copper and brass look great in cooking and eating areas. They can offer rustic appeal in traditional settings. Or all-out contemporary style in modern spaces. Find these classics on splashbacks, worktops, cooker hoods and lighting. Or on cabinet doors where they reflect light and add warmth back into the room.

bronze copper brass


When metal is used on small or large areas the overall effect is incredibly stunning. It projects a classic higher-end tone that elevates the overall design. And a metal surface also has a cleanly smart feel to it – easy to sanitise practical and functional.

In addition to the three classics, two more alternative metal finishes also popular right now are blackened steel and patinated verdigris. Both have very distinctive qualities and are growing in style appeal.

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Post updated June 2020