Sculptural Metal Bench

Sculptural metal bench the Paisley reflects organic flowing style that’s inspired by nature.

Sculptural metal bench

Paisley Bench

Sculptural metal bench

Made to order 6 – 8 weeks

Sculptural metal bench
Sculptural metal bench
Sculptural metal bench
Product specifications

Bench has a steel construction – available in polished stainless steel or finished in brass bronze copper and pewter.

Top is either solid oak or iroko wood with matching feet. New design spec replaces the slatted top with a solid wood top.

Dimensions (mm) – H 500 | L 1500 | W 380

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Pretty Design

Our sculptural metal bench will make a pretty addition to any space inside or out. The curving paisley base flows elegantly like a fern opening in spring. This graceful design narrows to a fine point balancing at both ends on wooden feet that match the solid wood seat top. Oak or Iroko are our favourite choice of woods but other wood options are available. And the base can also be metal finished in either bronze brass copper or even verdigris.

As with our Surf Bench, Paisley is certainly statement seating. So make the most of this artistic piece by positioning the Paisley somewhere prominent to create a focal point.

Paisley bench does require some maintenance and as with all wood products that are kept outside some aging, weathering and movement to the wood should be expected. But an occasional wash and re-oil should keep the wood top in tip top good condition. The base will just require an occasional wash down too.

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