Designer Bench – making the Surf

When Chris Bose first embarked on designing the Surf designer bench, he had one thing in mind and that was to create a piece of furniture that turned heads.

He first began with some initial sketches, drafting out thoughts and ideas he’d been carrying in his head for some time. As his sketches developed and evolved so did thoughts of construction and how this bench would support itself. Chris wanted this piece to look spectacular so using the cantilever concept was a good starting point.

The Cantilever Designer Bench

The idea of cantilever fascinated Chris and this became the key focus. It was important to position the top support off centre to retain the integrity of the design, but this meant creating an extremely secure framework to uphold the bench top. Just the wood top alone was a considerate weight but the bench also had to support the weight of at least three people. With that, great attention was given to the construction and stability of the bench internal design.


Designer bench - Chris Bose
Chris making the Surf Bench
Designer Bench
Surf drawings
Designer bench
Attention to detail is so important.
Careful finishing before the Surf base is sent for specialist polishing.
Careful finishing before the Surf base is sent for specialist polishing.
Designer bench


Furniture as Art

Chris sees his furniture as individual pieces of art. More than just functional tables and chairs but something of a luxury art form. And that is what he always strives to convey with each new design. He feels passionately that the desire for something different is of highest priority. And his customers have the same philosophy.

The Surf designer bench table is a signature piece in the Chris Bose furniture collection. A recognisable design with memorable form. This statement piece is as popular now as ever from its first beginnings of production many years ago.

Surf can be ordered in a selection of finishes from polished stainless steel to antique bronze, copper or brass finished base. A teak, oak or sapele wood top is great for outdoors while oak, walnut or cherry are great as an indoor top option. A bespoke service is also available for clients with alternative ideas in mind.


Designer Bench
Surf Designer Bench

The Surf bench is handmade to order with a delivery lead time of 4 – 6 weeks. To enquire or place an order call on 01825 765612