Decorative Bowls

decorative bowls

The Saturn Bowl

Our contemporary decorative bowls make a great centre piece for dining or feature tables. They are made from durable stainless steel. We then carefully metal coat in bronze, copper or brass and create beautiful Verdigris patinas to finish. The central dish has a bright polished metal finish. And the broad lip around the top features the unusual glass like Verdigris patina in varying shades and tones.

All of our finishing is carried out in-house using our own specialist metal finishes and patinas.

Decorative Bowls – bronze and verdigris

Made to order 6 – 8 weeks

decorative bowls
decorative bowls
decorative bowls
Product specification

The bowl is made from stainless steel then coated in real bronze, copper or brass. We then create a Verdigris patina finish and seal with lacquer. The bowl pivots on the middle point of the central dish.

Dimensions in mm W 360 x H 75

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Our Saturn decorative bowl is carefully hand crafted and perfectly balanced. The bowl pivots on the middle point of the inner dish. And this can give the appearance of floating and looks particularly pleasing when placed on a polished reflective surface.

It is impossible to create any two bowls to look the same. This is because of the way we create our hand applied finishes. So for this reason each piece will always have a very unique look.

The Saturn bowl features beautiful blends of luxurious finishes, making it a perfect centre piece accessory. Position this bowl in the centre of a table or on a display plinth for a touch of luxury. The Saturn can also be placed on an upright stand where it can be viewed front side on.

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