Functional Art – bespoke furniture

We often describe our bespoke furniture as functional art. Chris is a creator of unusual furniture with design that’s less ordinary than standard. But that said if you are designing furniture then it still needs to be serviceable. We believe every piece we design and make should have a practical purpose as well as artistic notability. Functional art is about getting the best of both worlds by blending interesting artistic design with function.

Last weekend we exhibited our furniture which included two new pieces at the Hendall Arts Exhibition. The event featured a stunning mix of art and sculpture along with our functional art furniture. Displaying art alongside practical design cleverly shows how the two work so well together. And better allows the visitor to visualize decorative arts in a room or display setting.

Functional Art Chris Bose
The Paisley coffee table with Amazonia top and brass finished base

New furniture for our collection

Firstly, the latest addition to join our coffee table collection is the modern industrial styled Sigiriya. Sigiriya the pyrite table is steel made then hand finished in real aged brass. This contemporary table displays a new design style for us with boxy angular lines.

Sigiriya with a aged brass finish. Bonze copper pewter and verdigris are other available finishes.
Functional Art Chris Bose


The second new piece is the Paisley Bench. Using the paisley coffee table base but sliming it down then topping with solid oak wood slats for the seat.


The Paisley Bench base is mirror polished stainless steel with solid oak slats for the bench seat and feet.

Hendall is a beautiful location and a great space to show arts across the disciplines, indoors and out. Luckily the weather was fine. So the outdoor terrace area was a pleasing space to view our contemporary benches and the other sculpture on display.

Functional Art Chris Bose
The foreground shows our signature piece the Surf bench with the new Paisley in the background.
Chris Bose Sculpture
The Embrace sculpture here in polished stainless steel – taken as the sun is setting. Actually the only piece we have in our collection that is just sculpture and not functional art.
Functional Art Chris Bose
The Bone Chair positioned in the smaller gallery.
Functional Art Chris Bose
The Apparition Console Table with a mottled bronze finish and aged brass top – all metallic!

The exhibition was organised by The Arts Portfolio headed up by Richard Field. Website