Outdoor Wood Burners

Outdoor wood burners are an ideal way to enhance garden living by extending the time we can spend in our gardens. Enjoy summer evenings around the burner with friends and family. Place an outdoor burner on a patio, garden dining and entertainment area or anywhere in the garden where space allows.

Outdoor wood burners

Thomas Wood Burner

Our Thomas wood burner has an industrial steampunk style. This burner is made from 3mm mild steel, finished in heat resistant matt black and features a mesh fire screen guard secured by a leaver handle. The legs come unattached and must be assembled before using the burner.

Dimensions: H 1450mm W 400mm

Made to order approximately 4 weeks

Product specification

Dimensions in mm H 1450 | W 400

3mm mild steel

Matt black heat proof finish

Using a Wood burner

Using outdoor wood burners in the garden creates a comfortable environment for social gathering. Whether that be with large or small groups, an outdoor burner makes a lovely focal point for shared enjoyment. But do be mindful and courteous towards neighbors and consider wind direction before lighting your burner. Often a burner will smoke a little when first lit but should stop once the fire gets going. To reduce levels of smoke only burn dry well-seasoned wood or smokeless coal. And there are also eco wood alternative fuels available and worth sourcing.

After use, every two or three times, clean out the residue ash from inside of the burner using a small hand shovel. This will help keep the air vents clear and the burner working efficiently.

Before using your outdoor wood burner always make sure the burner is steady and standing on level ground. And keep children away from the burner once lit as it will become extremely hot. Take care not to touch or attempt to move the burner when in use, wait until the fire is extinguished and cold before repositioning.

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