Contemporary Garden Furniture

At Chris Bose we design and make luxury contemporary garden furniture. If you are looking for something a little different then cast an eye over our modern collection. All our furniture is bespoke-made to the highest standard offering quality and unique design.

Garden Furniture

All our contemporary garden furniture is designed and bespoke-made with customer satisfaction in mind. We know if a client chooses a piece of Chris Bose furniture, they are looking for an individual statement piece. Because of this our aim is to offer an interesting alternative to mainstream contemporary garden furniture. Each designer piece is individually and thoughtfully made to client specification. And that reflects a distinct and luxury high-end style. Our outdoor garden furniture is handmade in our Sussex workshop where we can modify sizes and finishes to suit individual needs and requirements.

Metal finishes

We use our own specialist metal veneers on much of our furniture and sculpture. Our veneer finishes include bronze, antique bronze, copper, brass, verdigris and Amazonia. But additional bespoke finishes can be also created. Please talk to us if you can’t find the finish you are looking for. We can work with you to create a perfect look for your furniture.

(316) marine grade Stainless steel

If you are ordering a piece of furniture or sculpture in polished stainless steel, we recommend choosing (316) marine grade steel. This superior grade of steel is less likely to suffer pitting and rust corrosion caused by outdoor elements. This is particularly relevant within coastal areas but also suitable where weathering may occur.  However, if you are buying a piece for indoor use only, say within a conservatory, orangery or garden room. Then our standard grade stainless steel should be sufficient. If you are in any doubt we can help guide you in making the right choice of steel.

Anti- corrosion treated

When necessary we anti-corrosion treat our metal garden furniture. We apply a generous coat of zinc primer directly onto the base surface before colour finishing. By using this process, each bespoke piece should stay rust free for many years. There will be no peeling or lifting from rust corrosion unlike other steel-made outdoor furniture. and if a furniture piece is accidentally damaged and the paint and zinc are chipped. Only that area may with time develop a little rust. Furthermore the damage visibility would be minimal.

Furniture Care

Visit our post on how to care for Chris Bose outdoor furniture HERE

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