Contemporary Dining Tables

Contemporary dining tables bespoke handcrafted then neatly finished with transparent glass tops.


Contemporary Dining Tables with Sculptural Design

We have two stylish contemporary dining tables in our range.  Both tables feature glass tops allowing for the base design to be seen and keeping a sense of light and space. They are also both available in two sizes allowing comfortable seating for six or eight people so perfect for a large or smaller space.

The Octo is an elegant and beautifully sculptural piece that will be the focal point of any dining room. It has an incredibly strong steel base featuring four sweeping arms which help support the toughened glass top. Table base options include mirror polished stainless steel or metal finished in any of our specialist metal coatings in bronze, brass, copper or pewter.

Alternatively the Web table has an industrial web-like construction. It’s a bright modern dining table with a random design construction and no rigid formula. So each piece is completely unique. This designer table will look great in any dining room but will also add style and function within a modern contemporary kitchen. Web is available in polished stainless steel or paint finished to clients colour choice.


Bespoke and made to your specification

We design and make all our designer furniture in-house so bespoke is at the heart of our ethos. Style and function carry equal significance so getting the right size and finish is of primary importance to provide complete customer satisfaction. Having the perfect place to socialise with family and friends is a key part of modern living. So finding the right match for any room décor is part of our service. Working with each client we determine the best specification possible then create to that order. Furthermore, we are always happy to design a completely new dining table if a client has a specific idea in mind.

Lead time for making is usually between 4 to 6 weeks from ordering to delivery. New pieces may take a little longer.


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