Metallic bronze furniture in mottled bronze

This metallic bronze furniture finish offers an alternative take on the traditional leopard print design. It has a warm luxurious look befitting for any luxury furniture. And the decorative markings of this finish provide a decidedly flamboyant note. Mottled Metallic Bronze has a base layer of antique bronze overlaid with an abstract leopard design.

Warm bronze base tones blend effortlessly with the darker overlaid design. Echoing and giving a partial nod to this season’s animal print trend. Also and perhaps notably, this finish reflects a lasting high-end appeal and not just a passing seasonal style. Mottled metallic for that reason is one of our favourite new additions.

Metallic bronze furniture
Seamless all-over pattern.

Where it works best

This deluxe finish easily slots under the maximalist umbrella of design. Paired with strong colour tones this finish will radiate full-on character; loud and lively and a must for those with extrovert tastes. Plus with a choice of different base metals it’s easy to match into a dynamic colour scheme. A base of brass or copper also works with this textured all-over pattern.

In contrast and for those with more understated taste, there is also room for a cleverly positioned statement piece. An obvious eye catching addition can certainly bring focus to room design. Like a feature wall, oversized artwork or interesting fireplace. Metallic Bronze furniture set against a neutral background will certainly bring an exciting addition to minimalist home décor.


Metallic bronze furniture
Metallic bronze furniture finish on the Apparition Console.

We’ve used Mottled Bronze on our Apparition console table base and paired with a polished walnut top. The two-toned bronze finish offers a full-on blast of metallic spirit. In addition, Mottled Bronze could also be matched with a metallic, dark or black marble top.

Finally this sumptuous bronze is available as a finish on all our home furniture pieces. Furthermore, if brass or copper is your thing, then we can produce it in Mottled Brass and Mottled Copper too.

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