Furniture Finishes

Metal Veneers

We have our own range of real metal coatings and finishes for our bespoke contemporary furniture. Our hand finished metal veneers can be polished or aged to varying degrees. And that means we can offer a luxury bespoke look for each specific client requirement. This hot metal finishing process produces beautiful subtle shades and tones that provide our furniture with a very beautiful individual look.

All our metal coatings are, by the nature of the manufacturing process, random. The samples above should be used as a guide only as slight variances will always naturally occur during the finishing process. In addition the samples are shown in a light sandcast texture but can be polished for a more satin or reflective finish.

Finishes for furniture
Finishes for furniture
Finishes for furniture
Finishes for furniture
Finishes for furniture
Finishes for furniture
Furniture finishes

Custom Paint finishes

Our exciting custom paint finishing is available on all our bespoke contemporary furniture. Finishes include Amazonia (Natural Verdigris), Crush, Rock-face, Sparkle and all available in any colour. Each finish can be polished to provide a glass-like appearance that also has depth and tone, or matt lacquer finished for a more subtle effect. A fun contemporary feel for furniture.

Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback1
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback8
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback9
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback2
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback5
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback6
Artistic Metals - Kitchen Spashback3

Looks include Crush, Rock-face, Amazonia, Gloss and Sparkle and as they are all bespoke hand finished, we can tailor to client specification.